Update regarding Tilles Park Monarch Project

We have submitted an application to receive funds and plants for Milkweed for Monarchs  as part of the Neighbors Naturescaping (brightsidestl.org) greening projects.  The two areas we would like to establish in the Park are the six containers near the comfort station and a portion of the Colleen Sondermann memorial bed near the playgrounds. The awards will be announced on Wed., Sept. 23rd.
Because we are thinking positively and feel our application has a good chance to receive an award, we have scheduled two park work nights around the guidelines of the awards.
It will be critical to have a good turnout of volunteers and I will keep you advised of the exact dates, but tentatively the dates are as follows:
1. Wednesday, September 30th, 6-8 pm – remove annual plants and amend the soils with new top soil and compost
2. Wednesday, October 14th, 6-8 pm – install the plants and mulch
This is not a labor-intensive project, but “many hands make light work.”  We will keep you posted and thank you in advance for your participation.