About Us

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Tilles Park Neighborhood Association is to create and maintain a strong cohesive and viable neighborhood around the area generally known as Tilles Park.

Vision Statement:

The Tilles Park Neighborhood Association Membership, Board and Community envision a future in which:

  1. neighbor’s communicate regularly and look out for one another.
  2. our neighborhood and park are clean and maintained.
  3. our neighborhood and park are safe for residents and visitors.
  4. the association is growing and evolving.


Values and Goals:

The membership of the Tilles Park Neighborhood Association values:

  1. a safe neighborhood and park.
  2. communication between neighbors.
  3. clear communication with City service providers.
  4. quality neighborhood events.
  5. a clean and functional park.
  6. opportunities for volunteerism in our neighborhood.
  7. the unique architecture and identity of the neighborhood.
  8. new members and ideas.

The official Tilles Park Neighborhood Association by-laws are below for your review: