Garage Sales in Tilles Park Neighborhood

Mark your calendars for our upcoming annual garage sale to be held Saturday June 25, 2011. The sale will run from 8:00 AM-12:00 PM. The neighborhood association is helping spread the word about the sales; however, each sale will be individually run.  Following are a list of participating blocks:
  • 3200 Voerster
  • 3400 Macklind
  • 3400 Regal
  • 3900 January
  • 5400 Potomac
  • 5400 Tholozan
  • 5500 Arthur
  • 5600 Arthur
  • 5600 Oleatha
  • 5600 Pernod
  • 5700 Oletha
  • 5700 Tholozan
  • 5800 Oleatha
  • 6200 Potomac
  • 6300 Fyler
  • 6300 Potomac
  • 6400 Potomac
If you are planning to have a garage sale on June 25, please e-mail the coordinator, and we will post your block on our website.  We appreciate your help in spreading the word about these upcoming sales!

Tilles Park Neighborhood Playgroup

You and your little ones are welcome to join the Tilles Park Neighborhood Playgroup for fun and family time! We try to plan about one event per month; usually on weekends.

On May 22nd from 11-2:00, we will meet at the Tilles Park Pavilion for a Meet-n-Greet Picnic!  Bring your own food/drink and toys to share. You may want to bring a blanket or chairs as well.

Please locate the playgroup on Facebook for more information.  You may also join the mailing list by sending an e-mail to the coordinator.